No Hidden Costs

No hidden costs

No hidden cost is something we know adds real value for customers. When looking at overall costs for an effective & comprehensive security system, along with a full monitoring service Rancom Security provide you may expect to have to pay for the for call outs and servicing each time you require assistance, as you do for other providers.

Hidden costs that are over and above the initial stated payments you may have been shown when choosing a provider of security and monitoring services can soon mount up.

For many years Rancom Security have included all costs (except battery replacement) in our transparent pricing. This doesn’t mean that you receive poor service, On the contrary, our response is quicker than the industry’s regulator SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) requirement for a 4-hour call-out response in the event of a call-out for any technical issue, Rancom Security will respond within 3 hours to rectify any issue.

Moreover Rancom Security WILL NOT charge for the call-out, over and above the original contractual pricing already agreed. This is unlike other providers who will charge call-out costs on an ad-hoc basis and whose rates vary, but we believe they are averaging about £80.00 per call out, and product replacements may also charge in addition to the call out cost in many cases.

Adding these hidden costs to the initially stated costs from an alternative provider, for what can also be system with less devices and not offering the full monitored services (see our website for more details on Police, emergency and key holder response and a typical installation) often means you actually pay more for what is a smaller system and a less effective monitoring package.

If you have any questions regarding the Rancom Security system, the comprehensive monitoring and the inclusive costs please contact us.