A Tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore

Captain Sir Tom Moore, one of our long-standing customers, an NHS hero and a national treasure. We thank and salute you

We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Captain Sir Tom Moore – a national treasure, a hero, and an inspiration to the whole nation during one of the toughest years in decades for many.

Captain Sir Tom and his family are long-standing customers of Rancom Security and we had recently been in regular contact with them after they asked for support in stepping up security at his home.

With his inspirational 100 laps of his garden with his walking frame for the NHS, Captain Sir Tom had attracted global recognition and media hysteria and they wanted to ensure he was kept safe. 

We were proud every time news crews broadcast his incredible efforts to see our bell box on the wall of his Bedfordshire home. We were delighted when his own private security team called our engineers for advice on improving CCTV.

We have high-profile clients but this was different because we were able to support, in a small way, an incredible man and his family and perhaps provide them with a little peace of mind.

Just a few months ago Captain Sir Tom was voted the inaugural winner of our parent company On Call Group’s Community Heroes award - a competition inspired by his achievements in raising more than £39 million for the NHS.

On Call community hero award, given to Captain Sir Tom Moore

This new annual award will now recognise other customers who have done incredible work for their local communities during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

We had a silver platter engraved for him, which we were due to deliver during our next visit. We will now pass on to his daughter Hannah, with our condolences.

Captain Sir Tom was not only a war hero but the people’s hero. His famous words for all the nation: “For all those people finding it difficult, the sun will shine on you again and the clouds will go away” will live on as will his legacy.

Captain Sir Tom Moore we salute you.