What should I expect from an installation?

Here at Rancom Security, we love to welcome new customers, and we appreciate purchasing a new security system can appear to be a complicated process, particularly if an incident has spurred you to look at your security. So we like to make it as simple as possible for you.

Any of our customer service team will talk you through each stage of the process, but sometimes it’s a little more reassuring to have the process mapped out for you before you begin.

So what can you expect from Rancom Security?

 Rancom Installation


Our friendly Customer Service Team

Initially you will speak to our customer service team, so they can gain some understanding of your requirements. All of our customers have different needs, so we talk to you about your needs and wants to establish how we can best help you.

Once our customer service team have gained an idea of your requirements, they will book an appointment with you for one of our security advisors, who will come and visit you at your home and perform a security assessment. We understand there may be other people involved in the decision of your home’s security, such as you partner or a family member, so we advise having them present for the appointment. There are many differences to our system, monitoring and services that we would like to ensure all parties who are helping you make a decision understand.


A thorough Security Assessment

Our security advisors will provide an assessment of your home, to identify any risks that may be present, whether that’s security for your home, or risks to your own wellbeing due to medical conditions. If you have any particular concerns, now would be a good time to point them out to the security advisor, so they can offer advice and appropriate solutions whilst they are there.


Monitored Security Packages

As we are monitoring specialists, all of our installations have a monitored system that contacts additional services over and above contacting your nominated key holders. Our standard system includes a control panel with the additional benefit of 2 way audio to enable conversations with the monitoring station. Your Rancom security advisor will talk you (and anyone else involved in the decision) through your options, and how the systems work.


A Quick Installation

Once you have discussed your requirements with our customer service team, and with our security advisor, you may be anxious to get your Rancom Security system in place, and we agree that the sooner you have peace of mind, the better.

At Rancom, we believe it is part of our duty of care that once we have performed a security assessment, to highlight any risks, that we get solutions in place quickly, to eradicate those risks as soon as possible.

You will have received a thorough explanation from our security advisor on how the system works, but our engineers will also provide you with an Easy user Guide and a quick reference booklet during the installation process for you to refer to if you need to.

This is to ensure the best service possible for our customers, and we know that it is something the majority of our customers appreciate. However, this does not affect your statutory rights.


No Hidden Costs

Rancom Security uniquely offers a complete all in one package. Once your system, monitoring and maintenance contract is agreed, there are no hidden charges, unlike other providers who charge for each instance such as resetting your alarm or engineer call-outs. You can confirm these benefits, and any costs with your security adviser, or with our customer service team.


How did we do?

We know we make a huge difference to a lot of people’s lives, and knowing our customers are safe is why we work so hard each day.

It is nice though to hear back from customers when one of our team have done a good job, so if you had a helpful, polite and friendly security advisor, a fantastic engineer, or are really impressed by our quick installation, then why not leave us a comment on our testimonials page?


We hope that has given you a clearer idea of our installation process, but should you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to call our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any further queries you may have.