Openreach Name More Areas for Planned Copper to Fibre Switch

As a part of our dedicated customer service and care, we want to ensure Rancom Security customers are always up to date with the latest news when it comes to your security systems.

Openreach (BT) has announced changes that will have a direct impact on their consumers. Despite Openreach having not yet made an official announcement to the public, we wish to ensure our customers are up to date with and knowledgeable of future changes that will have an impact upon their domestic security systems.

Openreach (BT) intends to switch their old copper-based analogue services to a new all-IP network via Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband network. This change consists of a two-stage migration process that is currently underway.

The planned migration and process for moving from copper to FTTP lines will affect your domestic security systems so it is important to ensure your connectivity and security systems are compatible as copper lines will gradually be phased out and replaced by fibre lines.

For more information on the migration process, head over to ISPreview’s blog to read more.

Home installation of new fibre lines to replace copper services

The most up to date news on this migration are that Openreach has named a further 51 areas within the UK where they intend to introduce a “stop-sell” of their old copper analogue phone services.

In addition to the first batch of 118 UK locations that were announced back in May 2020, the addition of new locations added to this list means that FTTP will be available in 75% of homes in these locations, therefore, meaning the migration to FTTP broadband network.

The migration process starts with a “no move back” policy for premises connected with FTTP, meaning you cannot go back to copper. This is followed by a “stop-sell” of copper services to new customers, the process ends with full withdrawal of copper services.

To view the latest named locations to be a part of this migration, check out ISPreview’s blog to see how you may be affected by this change.