Your security


Our monitored security system protects & reassures you, your family & your home ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. It has even saved lives, which is something we are very proud of.

We provide complete security solutions Nationwide.

More than just a bell alarm system, we offer our customers and their families the benefits of a fully Monitored Security System with easy-to-use advanced devices to:

  • Avert would be intruders
  • Safeguard our customers
  • Aid with emergencies

When developing our system we drew on our expertise and experience, and consulted with existing customers, our staff and regulatory bodies. The result is a high quality, comprehensive monitored security system which meets regulatory standards and looks after your best interests.

Our staff are continually trained and assessed to make sure they are doing the best job possible and providing you with a high level of service our customers have come to expect from us.

We aim to protect you, your family, your home and provide you with complete peace of mind.

Key facts about our products and services

  1. Other than the easy to use control panel wireless monitored security devices are used throughout your installation.
  2. Insurance companies may reduce your home insurance policy when you have a monitored Security System.
  3. Your Rancom Security alarm is connected DIRECTLY TO A MONITORING STATION via your telephone line. When activated the monitoring station contacts you or your key holders as well as the emergency services should the appropriate action be required, leaving you with the certain knowledge that assistance or the necessary care is en route.
  4. Your security officer is guaranteed to attend your property from a confirmed activation and notification from the monitoring station.
  5. Rancom Security provide comprehensive monitored home security solutions nationwide.
  1. Your monitoring, keyholder and Fire Rescue Service response is established immediately upon completion of your installation. There will then be a short length of time to process your application and registering your Rancom System with the Security Service to obtain a Personal Connection Number.
  2. Your siren will sound at 85db, which is uncomfortable, but not damaging to the ear.
  3. When activated the Medical Button gives a keyholder Response and is not directly linked to the emergency services. Your keyholder can contact any required assistance.
  4. We continually investigate how we can maintain and improve the security systems and related devices and services we offer, keeping track of changes and researching options to see where and when the solutions we provide, require changing or updating to ensure you, our customer, will be safe and secure. We offer our customers upgrades to our existing customers in line with the changes in the technology and products that supercede their current installation.