Your security


This is not just an Alarm System. Rancom Security provides a Smart Monitored Security to protect & assist you and your family ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

We’ve always believed that your home is your castle, which is why we only offer a complete connected security system with essential monitored security devices to help protect you from fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, personal attacks, medical emergencies and more. Plus with our Connected features you can easily control your security system and view live video of your home (via internal camera) all on your Smart Phone.

The Rancom Connected Security includes:


Connected Security

  • Manage your system via Smart Phone APP
    and remote key fob
  • Wireless Camera to monitor your home
    on your smart phone (optional)
  • Medical Button for a Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency

  • Keyholder response to Medical Button
  • 24-hour/7days a week availability
  • Reassuring and trusted contact for customer
    in an emergency

Fire Response

  • Fire Brigade Response to Fire or Smoke
  • Fire Brigade Response to Carbon Monoxide
  • Monitors 24 hour/7 day risk(s) even when
    intruder devices are turned off

24/7 Monitoring

  • 365 days a year monitoring
  • Immediate response
  • Fully trained and qualified security staff
  • NSI Gold Standard Monitoring Station

Security Officer Response

  • Monitoring station to contact Security Service
  • Your security officer will attend your
    premises and assist
  • If Police are required, the Security Officer will
    contact the Police

Keyholder Response

  • Monitoring station to contact you and your
    nominated keyholder/s in the event of an
  • 24-hour/7days a week availability

Our latest 24/7 Monitored Security & Safety system provides you and your family with a high level of protection for the full term of your agreement.

Security Management Control Panel
This is the ‘hub’ of your security system. Using two wires it connects to your telephone line and a power supply.
Smart Phone Security APP
Set or Unset your security system with your Smart Phone APP, whether your at home or out and about.
Interior Cube Camera
Monitor your home on your Smart Phone, with our wireless camera, which captures clear, wide image in any lighting situation. Also features Night Vision, Motion Detection and has built in Microphone and Speaker for 2-Way Audio.
2 x Proximity Swipe Tag
Quickly set or unset your security Control Panel with these handy Swipe Tags.
Wireless Slim-line Door Contact
Our Wireless Door Contact fit snugly against doors. When you go out and set your alarm, the door contacts will also be set and will activate the alarm
if door is forced open.
2 x Multifunction Remotes Key Fob
No need to unnecessarily rush to turn the system off when returning home. With a simple press of the un-lock/off feature, the system is turned off remotely. This versatile device conveniently allows you to turn the system on and off a partial setting for the protection of you and your home at night, all from the comfort of your bedroom.
3 x pet friendly passive infra red sensors (PIR)l
When the system is set, these sensors will differentiate between the movement of your pets and an intruder.
Monitored Smoke Detector
Fully supervised wireless smoke detector.
Certified by the most strict and demanding international standards
Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector
Wireless detector gives early warning of CO
poisoning danger utilising the most accurate
technology available for CO detection.
Wireless Medical Button
A portable and life-saving device that can be worn on your wrist around your home and garden. If you were taken ill or had a medical emergency you can use the medical button to generate immediate contact with the monitoring station. They will then notify your key holders immediately.
Optional Part Set/Night Set
This allows you to set the alarm to protect all areas of the house you may not be using in the day. For example if you have a sleep in the living room during the afternoon, you can set your alarm to protect the rest of your house.
External Dummy Bell Box
Distinctive bell box house has an visual deterrent

We provide the complete security assessment, confirmation and installation of your comprehensive monitored security solution and devices from only £1695.00. (offers only available to new customers and promotions may be available)

Please contact us for upgrades to existing customer security systems


Digital IP CCTV delivers a cutting edge to deterrent to opportunistic and planned threats while providing evidence with the quality of images required to help achieve a conviction. We offer CCTV installations with the latest cameras and related solutions to homeowners who wish to utilise the ever-increasing popularity of this service. Talk to us about a stand-alone CCTV solution or as an enhancement to your current Rancom or another security system you have in place.

CCTV security solutions for only £1695.00 (offers and price reductions may be available)

Enhance Your System

You can choose to enhance your system with additional monitored security devices that suit your particular requirements & circumstances. Extra PIR’S and Door Contacts are a popular addition, with the below available upon request. Speak to your security advisor to find out more. Required on occasion.

Wireless Hold-Up Alarm Perimeter Detection Flood Detection Shock Detection

Existing customer upgrades.

For the thousands of our existing customers who have a Rancom security system that does not include the latest innovations, up to date products and additional enhancements, we offer system upgrades to ensure you are aware of, and can choose to upgrade to the latest systems we provide.

We are in the process of migrating/upgrading all of our monitored systems over to required WIFI connected systems Inline with the government’s Future Telecoms Infrastructure review, all telecom providers are upgrading to fibre optic lines, and telephone lines as we know them, are becoming obsolete.

If your current system doesn’t have the camera and app included please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you with an upgrade.

Your security

Installation, service and maintenance
Once we have assessed and agreed your requirements we will confirm an installation time and date.

When customers realise the risks they are facing and having chosen to protect themselves and their homes, they typically like the engineers to install the system as soon as possible.

We aim to install quickly, particularly if the customer has been a victim of crime or has medical/health vulnerabilities and requires an urgent installation. We will always do our utmost to fulfil your requirements with our services.

At Rancom Security we fully understand our customers desire to maintain the integrity of their homes décor, not compromised by the installation of a Security System. Unlike inferior systems Rancom Wireless Devices fulfil your security needs whilst considering the need for aesthetic appeal. With only two fixed-wire contacts to the Security Management Console for telephone and power supply, Rancom Security Systems are designed for minimum disruption both during and after the installation is complete.

Our fully insured, trained, qualified and experienced Engineers work to the highest standards expected, installing, maintaining and servicing our products to ensure full customer satisfaction. Our Engineers are experienced at working in customers’ homes and to the strict standards of our industry.

Looking after you and your system. Rancom Security will maintain and service your complete system to the highest standards expected.

In the event of a call-out for any technical issue Rancom Security will respond to rectify any issue. Rancom Security will not charge for the call-out, over and above the original contractual pricing already agreed. This is unlike other providers who will charge call-out costs on an ad-hoc basis. With our transparent pricing policy for our customers, Rancom Security provides security excellence in System Solutions, Service and After Care.

What Next
If you want the peace of mind a comprehensive 24/7 monitored security, medical, fire, emergency security officer response and a police notification can give you, or wish to upgrade your current system then get in contact by calling 0333 405 2333 or emailing