Your security


Unfortunately many people wait for an incident to occur before looking at making their home and their family secure.

Victims of burglary will tell you that it has long-lasting and devastating effects. Those effects are more than about having to replace your car, phone, laptop, TV or having valuables stolen; many victims struggle to feel comfortable or secure in their home afterwards.

We believe that your home is your castle and is somewhere that you and your family should feel safe and secure at all times.

Our monitored security system offers the necessary protection to deter potential burglars and in the event that of a break-in, your monitoring station will respond immediately and can notify the Security Service no matter what time or day it is. If you are on holiday or away from your property, the monitoring station will contact your key holders.

As well as offering protection against the risk of burglary we also offer add-ons that can protect you and your family from the threats of carbon monoxide, fire, floods, medical emergencies and more.

Years of experience and our expertise has allowed us to offer a complete monitored security system that protects you and your family. Our mission is to...

  • Help families across the country feel safe and secure in their home.
  • Reduce the risk of burglary and intrusion but offering an effective deterrent and a service that protects you and your family.
  • Saves lives by offering Security Officer Response, Fire & Medical response. Enlighten our customers about the potential risks of burglary.
  • Provide you with 24-hour contact to our professional and reliable monitoring centre with emergency response.