You may have some questions about Rancom Security, our comprehensive monitored security system, how it works and our processes. Please read all the below.

Whether you are considering a security system, you are a new customer and have recently had a monitored security system installed, or are a long term cherished customer of Rancom Security. The below is presented to help you at all stages of your journey with Rancom to ensure your initial and long term security.

Please click the below key FAQ sections which may help to answer many of the questions potential and existing customers ask us at Rancom.

I’m considering a Rancom Security System
I have a Rancom Security System
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Please Download our brochure and see the pages in our website in conjunction to the below to form a full understanding of the difference and benefits Rancom offer.


I’m considering a Rancom Security System

I already have an alarm, can my devices be used with your system?
Our Monitored systems use the latest technology and products to ensure effective and consistent security systems for our customers. We do not use any existing equipment (except cables) for two very important reasons. Firstly they may not be compatible with our system and secondly we are unable to service, repair or replace them within your service agreement as they are not part of your Rancom Monitored Security system.
Are there any hidden costs or additional charges other than batteries?
Rancom Security uniquely offers a complete all in one package. Once your system, monitoring and maintenance contract is agreed there are no hidden charges, unlike other providers who charge for each instance such as resetting your alarm or engineer call-outs. Speak to your security adviser for confirmation of these benefits.
How quickly can a Rancom monitored Security system be installed?
We understand that customers require installation quickly once they have decided to install a security system. Once our customer service team have confirmed your requirements, our security advisor has visited you and confirmed all details, explained the specifics of our security systems and monitoring along with relevant costs, we ensure we fit quickly (normally within 48 hours) as part of our duty of care, to ensure you are secure as soon as possible. See below “I have a Rancom Security system”section for more details.
How does the Security officer know when the alarm has been activated and to attend?
We provide our customers with a monitored response service via a 24/7, 365 days a year monitoring station. When an alarm activation has been confirmed the monitoring station contact your security officers who will respond. Please take time to see the 247-monitoring section of the website for full details of emergency.
Others offer a basic package, what is your typical system?
We believe in offering a suitable security system that will actually protect you and not just providing the absolute minimum of components and related services. We are monitoring specialists, and all of our installations have a monitored system that contacts additional services over and above contacting your nominated key holders. This provides our customers with, what we at Rancom Security consider the minimum security requirements to ensure safety and security. Optional additional items are available, which work with our typical security system seamlessly should you require them. Please see the your-security section for more details.
Does my alarm have a device alerting me to threat of fire, heat, smoke or carbon monoxide?
In addition to our standard installation which comprises of the essential items to ensure our customers security, customers can choose to add smoke, heat and fire detectors and / or carbon monoxide detectors. We offer other additional devices that can be purchased. These include: flood detectors, perimeter detectors, shock detectors, wireless hold-up alarms and multi-functional remote controls. These can be installed during initial installation or at a later date.
Why do I need to provide the details of two key holders for my monitored alarm?
We require at least two key holders details to enable the monitoring station to contact your key holders in the event of an activation. Neither of the key holders can live at the property where the alarm is installed and they must not reside together. It is a requirement that you provide a landline telephone number for your key holders as well as a mobile number if available. Please remember to notify anyone you choose as a key holder that their details have been submitted as soon as the system is being installed, as any test signals may result in them being called soon after installation and ongoing they will be a key holder contact.
Do you provide instructions?
When we first visit your home to discuss your needs and requirements, we will do a security assessment to confirm the best options for you and your particular circumstances. Before we agree on any security package or installation date, we will provide you, and any one you choose to be present, an explanation of the system and an overview of how it all works.
Once installed the engineer will go over the system with you and provide our comprehensive Easy User guide and quick reference booklet to ensure that you are fully aware of how to use the system effectively. This includes the remote setting, the part/night setting and all other aspects of using the Rancom Security system. We have technical support just a call away and also offer emergency responses as detailed in your security survey and also by the engineer. If you have any specific questions at this stage then please feel free to call one of our customer service team for more information.
If the power goes off will my alarm system still work?
In case of a power loss the backup battery will provide power to your security system for over eight hours, which is the minimum time set by guidelines.
Will there be any wires showing?
There will be one fixed wired connection to the phone line and one fixed connection to the power supply. All other Rancom devices are wireless ensuring you have a tidy and none obtrusive solution installed in your home.


I have a Rancom Security System

How do I change my key holder details?
It’s simple. Call Rancom Security on 0333 405 2333 with your change(s) for each key holder. Though you will need to confirm key holder changes in writing. As your designated key holders, they will be contacted if the system is activated. Therefore make sure you tell your key holders what to do in case they receive a call from us.
My alarm went off accidentally but I quickly put in the code and shut it off. I thought I might get a call from the alarm receiving centre but no one called. Why not?
The system allows a brief period for you to cancel a false alarm before an alarm signal is presented at the monitoring station. This process is called auto-abort and is designed to help avoid false alarms and prevent the waste of emergency services resources.
What if I have a fault with my system?
We do provide a comprehensive Easy User Guide and Quick Reference when our engineers hand over the system to you. Please review this in the first instance, in case it is an operational error. Due to the advanced nature of our system should a fault occur many faults can be dealt with remotely. We will be happy to investigate any fault you may have with your security system. Please see the panel of your system for your dedicated service contact number and your unique reference number for identification when contacting technical for assistance.
Why should I upgrade my system?
The systems we install have been developed and are continually enhanced by global leaders in commercial and domestic security, CCTV and access control solutions. They are trusted by numerous professional installers across the UK and internationally and have been recognised as a leading brand delivering quality products and solutions for over 35 years.

The new system offers improved security through an extended range, prolonged battery life, and unmatched wireless robustness and reliability which sets a Rancom Security system apart from others on offer in the marketplace.
Installation is fast and simple, and is ready to be customised with any additional safety accessories you may require, to ensure your home has the level of protection you need.

Along with the trusted 24 hours a day, every day monitoring it makes sense to keep your security system up to date with the latest technologies.

Why has my system been installed so quickly?
A number of our potential Rancom Security customers have had an incident that has prompted them to look at their own security. Our objective is to protect all customers as soon as possible. Before we commit to installing a Rancom Monitored Security System, we will have gone through a number of conversations with you as a customer. We have followed our processes, surveyed your property, identified risks within your home, requested that any other household or family members who will be part of the decision making process be there when we visit, and understand any medical conditions you may be living with. After all of the above, you agree to go ahead with the system, we work quickly for two reasons.

1. You have already been provided with all of the relevant information regarding the system, spoken with a number of the Rancom team, and have had time to come to your decision. This may take some time, and we don’t want to have to prolong that period by not getting an engineer to you as soon as we can.

2. We have a duty of care to all of our customers. If we know the risk’s that are present for our customers, we want to eliminate those risks as soon as possible. We want to offer you the best customer care, and part of that is offering a quick installation, to ensure you are protected sooner rather than later.

Does the security system being installed within 48 hours affect my rights?
As explained, we like to ensure installation within 48 hours to offer the best care to our customers, and eliminate risks as quickly as possible. However, this does not affect your 14 day cooling off period or your statutory rights.

If you have any further questions in this period, please feel free to speak to one of our customer service team, who will do their best to resolve any queries you may have.


Contact by, or with Rancom Security

Why am I being contacted about an upgrade to my system?
As part of Rancom Security’s duty of care, we aim to always offer not only the best service possible, but the best systems too. If we believe this will benefit you, by further reducing risk to yourself or your home, we will contact you to inform you of the opportunity to upgrade and the benefits.
How can I leave a testimonial?
We have many happy clients who have provided positive feedback regarding our initial call and conversation, our security advisors visit and explanation of the system, the engineers visit, installation and hand over, as well as the benefits of a Rancom Security Monitored system and aftercare. If you would like to leave some positive words concerning your interactions with Rancom Security, please head to our testimonials page. Here you will find an easy to complete form where you can write a few words regarding your experience, and submit it to our team to post on the website. Alternatively you can write to us at:

Customer Services Team
Rancom Security Ltd
Unit 3 Second Floor
Emmanuel Court
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 6BN

Alternatively, you can hand your engineer your written testimonial when next they visit.

What do I do if I no longer want to receive calls from Rancom Security?
Though we always aim to contact you with information or offers we feel would be of use to you, if you would no longer like to receive calls from Rancom Security, please request the caller to take you off the calling list. You will then be added to our internal Do Not Call list, and the number will be suppressed within 24 hours.
Why have I received a call from Rancom Security when I am on TPS (Telephone Preference Service)?
Though we regularly update our internal list against the TPS list, on rare occasions, a customer registered with TPS can slip through the system. We do make a large number of calls each week to ensure potential customers are secure and have a suitable monitored security system in place. If when we call your number and you believe you are on the TPS list, we will sincerely apologise, we will politely end the call with you and ensure you are marked as a TPS user, adding your details to our internal systems ensuring your details are logged in 2 places to ensure no future calls are made.
What do I do if I have a comment, query or complaint?
At Rancom we appreciate great customer service and value any comments our customers may have. Our customer services team are available during office hours and can be reached on 0333 405 2333.

We endeavour to deal with your queries or comments as quickly and efficiently as we can, which may involve putting you through to the relevant department. For most information on our customer service and complaints procedures, please visit our customer service page.