Your security


Rancom provide a comprehensive monitored security system that protects and assists you and your family ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

We believe that your home is your castle, which is why we only offer a complete security system to provide you with the protection you need. We do offer add-ons which help to protect you from fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, flood damage, personal attacks, looks after your health and more.

The Rancom security system includes:


  • Comprehensive Monitored Security System
  • Wireless Devices
  • Medical Button for a Medical Emergency
  • User Friendly Key-Pad Controller
Medical Emergency

  • Keyholder response to Medical Button
  • 24-hour/7days a week availability
  • Reassuring and trusted contact for customer
    in an emergency
Fire Response

  • Fire Brigade Response to Fire or Smoke
  • Fire Brigade Response to Carbon Monoxide
  • Monitors 24 hour/7 day risk(s) even when
    intruder devices are turned off
24/7 Monitoring

  • 365 days a year monitoring
  • Immediate response
  • Fully trained and qualified security staff
  • NSI Gold Standard Monitoring Station
  • 2-Way Audio Communication
Police Response*

  • Monitoring station to contact Police for an
    immediate response
  • Police Notified on confirmed activation
  • Police Response on activation of
Keyholder Response

  • Monitoring station to contact you and your
    nominated keyholder/s in the event of an
  • 24-hour/7days a week availability

* Response times as stated by the former Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) now known as National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) policy are “LEVEL 1 – Immediate/Urgent” Police response is determined by the nature of demand, priorities & resources at the time

The Rancom Comprehensive Monitored Security system
Our complete security system provides you and your family with a high level of protection.
Add-ons can be installed at time of initial installation or at a later date. Our security system includes:
Security management console with two-way audio
This is the ‘hub’ of your security system. Using two wires it connects to your telephone line and a power supply. Two-way audio allows you to communicate directly with the monitoring station.
4 x multi-function remote
No need to unnecessarily rush to turn the system off when returning home. With a simple press of the un-lock/off feature, the system is turned off remotely. This versatile device conveniently allows you to turn the system on and off a partial setting for the protection of you and your home at night, all from the comfort of your bedroom.
4 x pet friendly passive infra red sensors (PIR)
When the system is set, these sensors will differentiate between the movement of your pets and an intruder.
Wireless door and window contact
Our Wireless Door & Window Contact fit snugly against doors and windows. When you go out and set your alarm, the window and door contacts will also be set and will activate the alarm if a window or door is forced open.
Optional part set / night set
This allows you to set the alarm to protect all areas of the house you may not be using in the day. For example if you have a sleep in the living room during the afternoon, you can set your alarm to protect the rest of your house.

Please reference your Rancom Easy User’s Guide & Quick Reference handbook for details on how to get the most out of your Rancom complete home security system.

Enhance your System with Additional Monitored Security devices
We offer a number of additional devices to enhance your security system and give you added protection against things like carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. These can be installed during initial installation or installed at a later date.
Wireless remote key-pad controller

Standard Two-way keypad especially designed
to work with the hidden Rancom security panel
Enables a complete view and control of the system
while the panel is hidden with an integrated sounder
Wireless hold-up alarm
A portable alarm than generates immediate contact with the monitoring station at the touch of a button should you need help due to a personal attack. Where necessary the monitoring station can notify the Police for a speedy and urgent response.
Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector
Wireless detector gives early warning of CO
poisoning danger utilising the most accurate
technology available for CO detection.
Monitored Smoke and Heat Detector
Fully supervised wireless heat and photoelectric smoke detector. Certified by the most strict and demanding international standards
4 x proxy swipe tags
Our proximity swipe Tags are pre-programmed to link to your system with a unique built-in code. This allows you to turn the system off without having to manually remember and enter a code, making the system very user-friendly.
Wireless medical button
A portable and life-saving device that can be worn on your wrist around your home and garden. If you were taken ill or had a medical emergency you can use the medical button to generate immediate contact with the monitoring station. They will then notify your key holders immediately.
Shock sensor
This device cleverly detects external vibrations from a forced entry on the door or window it's fitted to and immediately activates the system's response as an 'intrusion’.
Perimeter detector
Our perimeter detector will alert you if someone crosses your property boundary.
Your security

Installation, service and maintenance
Once we’ve assessed your needs and agreed your requirements we will agree an installation date.

Rancom engineers are highly-trained and work as efficiently and cleanly as possible, minimising the disruption to you and your home. Our security system is mostly wireless but uses just two discreet wires for the security management console, one will connect to the mains and the other your phone line so you are linked to the monitoring centre.

When your system is due to be serviced we will contact you and carry out a service which complies with industry standards.

In the unlikely event that there’s an issue with your system, a Rancom engineer will arrive at your home within three hours – this is one hour faster than industry regulator the SSAIB require. Unlike other security companies we do not charge you extra for engineer call-outs.

What next?

If you want the peace of mind a comprehensive 24/7 monitored security, medical, fire, emergency and Police response system can give you, then get in contact by calling 0333 405 2333 or emailing