Why do accreditation’s matter?


When choosing a security company, it can be hard to know who you can trust, especially if you feel you may be in a vulnerable position to begin with. After all, you are entrusting the security of your home and livelihood to someone you may not know. So how can you know who to trust?

This is where accreditation’s help you in making an informed decision. Third party certifications and quality marks show you which companies can actually be trusted, because they have already been through rigorous standards testing, being audited and earned their accreditation on merit and performance.

Accreditation’s cut down the guesswork, aiding you in researching as a new customer, by proving that this company is trusted, reliable and had passed the stringent processes to warrant being awarded the appropriated accreditation’s for its products and services. Each year Rancom Security are audited by the awarding bodies, for us this is important for us to know we are achieving a status only those who are trusted are granted year on year and for our customers to know they have chosen wisely.

You will see all over the Rancom Security website that we have numerous accreditation’s, please click on the links on the foot of the page or in the accreditation’s section in our website.

So let’s take a little look at what each of them mean:


Consumer Protection Association

The Customer Protection Association (CPA) is a top UK consumer protection agency regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). CPA only deal with accredited contractors who have been fully vetted for professional competence and integrity, and it is recognised as the number one resource for connecting accredited home improvement contractors with consumers. At Rancom Security we are very proud of our awarded accreditation which proves our commitment to taking care of customers.

You can can view our CPA status by following the link and using our membership code 2773.


Which? Trusted Trader

Which? Trusted traders are quite a well-known name, and have been testing products and services for over 50 years, Every Which? Trusted trader has been assessed and checked by Which? trading standards professionals, before being endorsed. We are committed to being trusted by those we offer our products and services to.


Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB)

The SSAIB is a leading certification body for organisations providing security systems and services, fire detection and alarm systems, they state “When it comes to protecting your home from the impact of crime or fire you can’t afford to take any chances. The correct choice of fire or security protection system and provider is vital” Rancom Security are justly proud of their continued accreditation with the SSAIB.


The Guild of Master Craftsmen

The Guild of Master Craftsman is a sign of quality, only provided to accredited members who have upheld the Guild’s stringent professional criteria. They state: If you require expert workmanship by a reliable and approved master of their trade, when you employ a member of The Guild you have peace of mind and assurance that your project will be treated with the utmost care, skill and respect.


Security Excellence Awards

The security and fire excellence awards consistently break new ground in highlighting the best people, projects and processes the UK’s security sector has to offer.


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

The DMA is a badge of accreditation to show companies follow industry best practice guidelines, legal updates and follow a code that puts customers at the heart of what they do. The code must be adhered to by all those accredited by DMA, and aims to promote one to one marketing as a true exchange of value between business and customer.


Rancom Security practice and adhere to the highest standards for our sector, products and services our approach to customers and the way our various teams go about their everyday work. A practice we hope is apparent to all of our customers.  We want to provide our customers with the best experience possible, and that comes from being the best, with accreditation’s to prove it.

Great Feedback! Customer Satisfaction Survey Results are in.


CPA Survey ResultsAt Rancom security, we thrive on taking care of customers, and providing them with peace of mind. Especially as a lot of our customers come to us having experienced an incident that has got them thinking about their security, and who deserve to have someone to take care of it for them.


But our jobs are enhanced even more when we receive kind words back regarding our service or system.

Recently we had our results back from our CPA (Consumer protection association) survey which is taken each year, where Rancom customers are asked for their own evaluation of Rancom’s professionalism and quality.



This year we have manged to not only maintain impressive results, but improve upon them too!

CPA Pie Chart

The survey showed 99% of our customers would award us “good”, “very good” or “excellent” in regards to our overall services, which is up from 92% last year.

It also showed that for another year running, 100% of customers would not only say that we worked efficiently and were courteous and professional, but 100% also said they would recommend us.

CPA Bar Chart

This is a great reflection of the hard word we put in to providing a great customer service, and results we hope to keep replicating year on year.

You may have noticed we also recently updated our testimonials page. As a lot of our testimonials are hand written and handed in to engineers, they take pride of place on the walls of our head office, to remind us of the fantastic things we have achieved for our customers.

However, we thought it was a shame not to share these with our future customers, so we regularly update our testimonial page not only with comments posted to our site, but also with the handwritten notes we are given.

If you would like to leave a few words about your experience with Rancom Security, please feel free to head to our testimonial page to complete our simple form. Alternatively you can call one of our customer service team on 0333 405 2331 or write to us at:

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